Babies Digest is a simple and straightforward tool to track your baby's diaper and feeding schedule. After our first visit to the doctor with our new baby, it was pretty obvious that we needed a quick and easy way to keep track of this stuff. Every time we went to the doctor they would ask how much he was eating every day and how much output he had over a 24 hour period. We created with several things in mind:

  • We neeeded something quick and easy
  • Everyone needed to be able to enter and lookup information, from anywhere
  • It needed to work on a smart phone, (preferrably) without an app
  • The information needed to be private, only available to us and those we chose to share it with

With that in mind, (pardon the pun )was born. It's a web based application (no apps) that is designed to work on computer screens, smart phones and tablets. The interface is simple and practical, and very easy to use.