Diaper Tab

Create Diapers

Click on the diaper tab to enter and see diapers. There are 3 buttons on the diaper tab that will create diapers. You can click on Both to add a wet and dirty diaper right now, Wet to create a wet diaper right now, or Dirty to add a dirty diaper right now.


Create with different date and time

If you would like to change the date and time for the diaper that you are adding, click the calendar swtich and you can select a new date and time for the diaper. Once you have selected the new date and time, click a button to create the diaper at that time.


Recent Diapers

Diaper Count

If you have some diapers for the last 24 hours, you will see a grey chip with 3 colored numbers in it; This is the count of diapers that were both-wet-dirty. For example, 2-1-3 means 2 wet & dirty diapers, 1 wet diaper, and 3 dirty diapers in the past 24 hours. Note that the color of number matches the color of the button for that type of diaper.


Last Diaper

There is also a chip that shows the most recent diaper (the color here corresponds to the diaper type)


Diaper Report

To view a list of all diapers, click the blue list button.


This will bring up a page with all of the diapers that you have entered. Note that you can click the trash icon to delete a diaper.