Home and Navigation

After you create or select a baby, you are taken to the main app screen - the summary.
At first, the summary tab will be empty - it will not look exactly like the one below, but that's OK. Just note for now that there are tabs across the top - Summary, Diapers and Feeding. These are the main navigation buttons for the app. At the top right hand corner you see a gear icon that accesses the settings page, and the top left button is the home button.


Summary Legend

After you have entered some diapers and feedings, the home screen shows you a quick summary of the past 24 hours activities:

Diaper count for the last 24 hoursImage
Last Wet DiaperImage
Last Dirty DiaperImage
Feeding amount for the last 24 hoursImage
Breast Feeidng for the last 24 hoursImage
Formula Feeding for the last 24 hoursImage